It's too dangerous (A Jason McCann love story)

It's too dangerous (A Jason McCann love story)

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Natalie Alison Brooks is a 18 years old girl who lives in Las Vegas with her single mum, after her dad left them alone since she was 4. Olivia Munro , is known as her best friend .

One day, America's most wanted Jason McCann, kidnapped her without even knowing, as she was in the back seat of her mother's Car and McCann just got out of the bank with his friend Nathan.

McCann lost his brother Alex. He and  Nathan, wanted revenge. But was it possible having a girl like Natalie in their house? would they take her with them or leave her go, after she saw Jason commit a bunch of crimes?
can she fall for him?
can he fall for her?
the answer is :
yes, but it's too dangerous

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_Biebersqueen1_ _Biebersqueen1_ Aug 15, 2017
Wait so why would you go to the beaches if it makes you remember that
artisticholland artisticholland Oct 15, 2016
Niall is in the book! What a Surprise❤️❤️❤️❤️💀😂🎶🎶💜💙💙💙💋
dntsinkshipsca-mila dntsinkshipsca-mila Aug 06, 2016
Every one gets kindnapped when there at the bank in the car alone and the car is theres a gunshot and they use ur car
rose_82 rose_82 Feb 16, 2014
This is a stolen story the original idea is from the story Kidnapping Mistake
bieberqqueen bieberqqueen Nov 29, 2013
You've stolen a story named "Love me like you do", because all this happends in that one. Not cool.
_purgatoryidgit _purgatoryidgit Nov 19, 2013
Um..... I dont know if this is the same book, but... I read a book VERY similar to this,