Broken Souls

Broken Souls

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Proud Sinner By UndertaleSinner Updated Nov 18

Set in the HorrorTale AU.

When a broken human girl finds herself trapped in a world of bloodthirsty, ravenous Monsters, will she get away with her life? Or will she be just another broken Soul, lost to the pestilence and famine?

Horror!Sans/Horror!Papyrus x OC/Reader 


Tђเร гє๓เภ๔ร ๓є ๏モ tђє ร๏ภﻮ 'I ค๓ ฬ๏lモ' ๏г ร๏๓єtђเภﻮ ๏モ tђє lเкє.
Ok, I'll make sure to call your cleaver 'Butcher' from now on.
LpsAnay LpsAnay Sep 13
oml i thought this wasnt gonna be deep... i was wrong. very worng o3o
Oh meh gawd you copied dis from dear rabbit how dare you ):o