The princes Killer Mate

The princes Killer Mate

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khloe2346 By khloe2346 Updated Dec 25, 2013

The Princes Killer Mate

      When Taylor goes on one of her missions she is forced to go to a ball full of her own kind... werewolf's. but something every special happens at this ball where are meets Nick the price of her kind, her mate.  

      She runs out on nick to compete her mission, kill the rogue, and hunter that lay in the shadows of the ball. 

       Taylor is a killer, but she doesn't kill for the thrill she kills to protect the people around her since her family was murdered by rogues and hunters. they call her the dark wolf. she is a hybrid half angel and wolf so she uses her looks. Be careful because her looks can and will kill.   

        Nick knight is the price of wolf. when he attends the ball to look for his mate he is surprised to meet a girl... he's mate, In a mask. 

   They dance till she ran.   She ran from him.    But nick will not give up on his mate he will find her and find out about her.She will be his .... forever.

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Maria20178 Maria20178 Jan 11
Whao i wouldn't be in her back side good girl theh deserve it
atanima0me atanima0me Dec 27, 2017
Well ok, it's just sooooooo normal... laaaaammmeeee😪😪😪
MoonHunter345 MoonHunter345 Nov 24, 2016
it's  good so far but please STOP WITH THE FUÇKIÑÎG SPACES
all-small-mimi all-small-mimi Aug 12, 2015
Maybe she forgot to put the picture on so you have to vision it
midnight_warewolf midnight_warewolf Mar 28, 2015
I thought my phone was broken but when I read the comments I was like oohhh they have the same problem as me
zabeth100375 zabeth100375 Sep 04, 2013
this story sound good just look out on your spelling and in mixing up the people in the story. Like in this sen{ HE RUN OUT ON NICK TO COMPETE HER MISSION} do you mean she ran out on Nick things like that. But other then that you are good