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Predator. Prey.

Predator. Prey.

228K Reads 12.1K Votes 63 Part Story
Veronica By suicidesquadfanfic Completed

Joker and Harley's classic love story takes on a modernized origin, with twists and turns ultimately leading to a deranged, power hungry, fucked up romance.

DayDreamerR5 DayDreamerR5 Nov 11, 2016
Your writing is amazing, from the character building to the plot itself. One of the best stories I've found so far. I've only read the 1st chapter but I can already tell this is going to be legendary. Congratulations friend... ;)
EtayLuvart EtayLuvart Jan 10
Rereader... can't get enought of this... best Jarley fanfic evaah!
EmFerr EmFerr Dec 22, 2016
Or the room 69.... oh c'mon this story isn't sexualized even a bit :,D
NorwegianGuuuurl NorwegianGuuuurl Dec 31, 2016
I'm not english and i Searched what triggered Means and what it is in Norwegian and it said "utløst" like that Word doesn't give any sense to me😂
Psycho_Gurl4 Psycho_Gurl4 Dec 18, 2016
Sorry if I put this out of context but, 
emptygolddd emptygolddd Dec 16, 2016
this book has been so recommended but I'm not really the biggest fan of HarleyXJoker but this is something else! I'm actually inlove.