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I'm Not After Him, I'm After His Ramen

I'm Not After Him, I'm After His Ramen

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xXhopelessromanticXx By xXhopelessromanticXx Updated Feb 22, 2011

You would expect life for a sixteen-year old filthy rich heiress to be perfect. Sadly, Chloe Sirus is not blessed with happiness in her life anytime soon. It’s not perfect when she has two demanding and inconsiderate parents who only look to help themselves with no regard for their only daughter. It’s not perfect when Chloe is unknowingly set up with a boy who had been sold out by her parents to marry Chloe. It’s not perfect when Chloe runs away only to be harassed at a beach. The only shining star is the angel who comes to rescue her. But wait, why is her angel a hot Asian boy who makes ridiculously delicious ramen? Follow Chloe as her life becomes interwoven with those of two other boys and tangled into a three-hundred year old legend. The legend of the Samurai.

rypandamoose rypandamoose Jul 23, 2013
@QuietStorm you are an awesome critique! lol would you mind reading my book How Do You Love Me now and tell me what you think? because I have no idea if anyone likes it because nobody comments on it...Thanks!
ImaginaryWrites ImaginaryWrites Mar 20, 2013
i thought this was really interesting, how you quicken things up so fast! i'm sure you have something you wanted to emphasize more at the back! on a side note, i noticed some spelling and grammer mistakes here and there so do check them out! (:
briellabrightside briellabrightside Mar 19, 2013
Oh my gosh! I didn't expect it to get this serious this soon! haha. I still don't get the connection of the story to the title but I'm definitely reading on. You really got me at the end.
xXhopelessromanticXx xXhopelessromanticXx Mar 13, 2013
@phatelara I don't mind at all haha and I'm totally fine with nit-picking :)
BattyBox BattyBox Mar 12, 2013
wow this was fun to read, i like the way you add a little humor here and there it really keeps the reader entertained :)
Celestialheart Celestialheart Mar 12, 2013
i love your story :) 
                              and i love the sarcasm attitude of chloe