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Educating Elizabeth - BOOK 3 of THE DIRTY BIRD SERIES

Educating Elizabeth - BOOK 3 of THE DIRTY BIRD SERIES

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cinders By cinders75 Completed


Steamy Regency Series BOOK THREE
Highest Rank #1 in Historical Fiction!

Elizabeth has spent her entire life being the third wheel.  

To say that she has a chip on her shoulder would be to say that the arctic might be a bit chilly.
Her mother is notorious around town as the Dragon of London and by default, Elizabeth is known as her darling dragon in training.

Caught red handed, gambling beyond her means, robbing widows and knocking people unconscious, Elizabeth is forced into a loveless marriage.

Elizabeth is in for some bumps and bruises on this wild ride of love as she learns that there is more to life than what dress is laid out for tea and whether or not her good gloves have stains on the fingers.  

There may just be a heart of gold down there.  But to find it, they are going to have to dig... really deep.

hidden47 hidden47 Feb 04
Oh the tragedy ...*rereads All the books*  but kudos for being published
JettaFrame JettaFrame Sep 17, 2016
I'm looking forward to this one SO much!! I have a feeling that I will adore Robert
fairytailprince fairytailprince Nov 13, 2016
Do we need to read stories by the sequence or they can be read as stand alones too
Kellyrenee72 Kellyrenee72 Aug 12, 2016
Yes! So excited!!!! 
                              OK, Kelly take a deep breath and continue reading
                              Right, thanks subconscious :)
                              No, problem now keep reading! 😠
ssshhhh....why oh why!!! i'm almost finished and its disappear in just 1 blink
tranquilstars tranquilstars Aug 09, 2016
I am so excited! I love how well-written and creative your characters are! There isn't one main character I wouldn't root for in any of your books. This seems like a fantastic next endeavor.