His Love (Gene X Reader) {ON HIATUS}

His Love (Gene X Reader) {ON HIATUS}

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ᴬᴸᴱˣᴵˢ ᴷᴵᴹ By AGKraftyGamer2257 Updated Mar 05, 2017

*WARNING British Slang FROM THE INTERNET AND MAZE RUNNER SO DONT YELL AT ME IF IM WRONG MY LORD; if you are annoyed by that do not read*

A girl who grew up in the light.

A boy who turned into darkness.

She loved her family.

He killed his.

To fate they meet.

The girl is scared.

But he gives her the only bit of love left in his hollow soul.

Read his love to find out more!

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kenzie_lorts kenzie_lorts Mar 13, 2017
I'm already like on the 3rd sentence and I'm hooked its so good 🙏 keep updating Author~Chan
KatalyaEldridge KatalyaEldridge Mar 11, 2017
I'd do what I always do when I meet a hot man ;) Tackle him to the ground and ask him to marry me.
pearlfizzy pearlfizzy May 07, 2017
I AM HERE FOR THE BRITISH SLANG.( The only SLANG I get brcabuse I'm British)
cconutt cconutt Mar 10, 2017
                              (I'm i the only one who talks about the song??)
KatalyaEldridge KatalyaEldridge Mar 11, 2017
I am not happy with this ._. I have my own face and features and even though Asuna is beautiful, I do not want to be known with a face like hers. I am my own and I'm sorry if I will not use her description as my own.
                              I'll take the dress though~♥♥
MizukiTheMoonChild MizukiTheMoonChild Mar 24, 2017
You literally described my brother except his name and how annoying he is