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Puppies and Leeches (Lauren/you)

Puppies and Leeches (Lauren/you)

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rainbowwerewolf By rainbowwerewolf Updated Feb 19

Y/n is the omega of a big werewolf pack. She needs to be protected. That's what the Alpha, Brad thinks, because he thinks she's his mate. 
What if her mate turns out to be the pack's worst enemy?

Delinquentxx Delinquentxx Dec 15, 2016
Omfg i thought this was a camren ff xD
                              I was so.confused at first. I LIKE IT ANYWAYD
everyone in the comments is enjoying her wanting to punish them and I'm just like " WTF yo ass crazy, you ain't punishing me"
Zodiac23 Zodiac23 Oct 14, 2016
So I take it that Lauren is the dominant one in this relationship... sexy
im_the_ladd im_the_ladd Dec 16, 2016
Yeah just a liiitle not like I FREAKING insulted her or anything😅😅
yasssssshoes yasssssshoes Dec 22, 2016
No sweetie i give punishments *flips hair like I don't care*
Delinquentxx Delinquentxx Dec 15, 2016
If someone hit me irl, my immediate instinct is to hurt them 10x harder. Dont test meh gurl.