Scars of A Thousand Memories  :  A Septiplier Fanfic  《OnHold》

Scars of A Thousand Memories : A Septiplier Fanfic 《OnHold》

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crisp rat, m8 By NebuDemon Updated Mar 07, 2017

Jack is the new student at his school. He is already he get picked on so he resolves this problem negative thoughts . Until Mark came along into this problem but only to realize Jack has a huge crush on him. 

  Trigger warning⚠️: Depression and self-harm will be involved. I'd also like to point out there will be lemons for the filthy sinners

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septiplierawwway septiplierawwway Sep 26, 2016
" i have a pet dog!" "i have a cat!" "i have a fish!" " i have a box!" "..."