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NALU: Twins love

NALU: Twins love

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Little_Wolfgirl By Little_Wolfgirl Completed

Fairy Tail was just like any other day, everyone in the guild having fun, screaming, and fighting. Until someone who looks like another Natsu. A Natsu in the Fairy Tail guild and another Natsu that just came into Fairy Tail............. The other Natsu said he was Natsu's younger twin, name Natsume. Natsu suddenly said that he is his younger twin, but they always saw each other as rivals. Natsume just then said "let's make one of the girls fall for us, if she fall for Natsu-nii then I'll go back home, but if I win I get the girl and Natsu-nii will quit Fairy Tail and go home." Natsu agreed. Natsume suddenly points at Lucy. "It's the blondie that we are going to make her fall for us." Natsume said.     Now Lucy is suddenly involed into the brotherly game! Which one will she fall for and which one will go back?! Who will win her heart?

I Do Not Own Fairy Tail!!

This is love ice made up my mind I don't need to think it over if I'm wrong I am right don't need to think it over🎶
U in looooooove!!!!!!!!!! 
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