dare the sanses ||on hiatus||

dare the sanses ||on hiatus||

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The name's Moon By IronicallyAStar Updated Mar 09

Just ask or dare all the sanses (ITS JUST DARES AT THIS POINT)

All the sanses:

•sans (original)
•blueberry (underswap)
•edgy (underfell)
•dance (dancetale)
•geno (aftertale)
•reaper (reapertale)
•error (errortale)
•ink (inktale)
•lust (underlust)
•dim (my au dimtale)
•tragedy (Stereo's au UnderTragedy)
•sci (science tale)

  • ask
  • aus
  • dare
  • humor
  • question
  • sans
Awsomecakeguy676 Awsomecakeguy676 Apr 22, 2017
Me:isn't everybody
                              Anon: not me!
                              Me: SHOOT IT DOWN
                              Dream: *shoots the anon with a machine gun*
                              Me: yep... EVERYBODY
AlexanderDesacula AlexanderDesacula May 05, 2017
Nat yet  anderstand you iwel anderstand inid to play meg me ishor ilak you
janethe8th janethe8th Dec 15, 2016
                              Lust:miss me sweet girl~?
                              No *throws Lust at ERROR* PUT HIM BAAAAAAAK
The_Twilight_Wolf77 The_Twilight_Wolf77 Jan 11, 2017
Error, you have done a good deed, you will be released from your past sins fro trying to destroy Underlust, just make sure the Mettathon in that universe is in a universe you don't want to destroy when your done destroying it.
IVodkawolfI IVodkawolfI Dec 14, 2016
I.. I don't even know what to say. This is just, cringe. So much cringe.
Luna_The_Woona Luna_The_Woona Dec 18, 2016
                              Lust : Miss Me  Sweetheart ~?
                              Me : *Grabs A Knife* DON'T YOU DARE TOUCH ME !!!