Ask/dare the sanses

Ask/dare the sanses

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Phan = my life By moonlight_theshipper Updated 2 days ago

Just ask or dare all the sanses

All the sanses:

•sans (original)
•blueberry (underswap)
•edgy (underfell)
•dance (dancetale)
•geno (aftertale)
•reaper (reapertale)
•rotten (swapfell)
•error (errortale)
•ink (inktale)
•mans (my au squadtale)
•melon (melontale)
•sugar (sugartale)
•little (littletale <3)
•gore (squadfell)
•berry (squadswap)
•red (yandareswap)
•lust (underlust)
•horror (horrortale)
•dim (my au dimtale)
•shifter (ma au shifter tale)
•tragedy (poppy's au UnderTragedy)
•sci (science tale)
•fresh (under fresh)
•dream (dreamtale)
•nightmare (dreamtale?)
•gem (gemtale)
•jammy (paperjam)
•katana (katanatale)
•purple (lustswap sans)
• blood flower (flower fell sans)
•trainer (trainertale sans)

Is there anymore? Tell meh!

janethe8th janethe8th Dec 15, 2016
                              Lust:miss me sweet girl~?
                              No *throws Lust at ERROR* PUT HIM BAAAAAAAK
Pjmasklover Pjmasklover Aug 11, 2016
I dare you to invite......... Lust and let him take control for the whole day
Error, you have done a good deed, you will be released from your past sins fro trying to destroy Underlust, just make sure the Mettathon in that universe is in a universe you don't want to destroy when your done destroying it.
janethe8th janethe8th Dec 15, 2016
I am imagining you just magically just become taller and transform into Chara
IVodkawolfI IVodkawolfI Dec 14, 2016
I.. I don't even know what to say. This is just, cringe. So much cringe.
Xx_Mafia_Nix_xX Xx_Mafia_Nix_xX Dec 18, 2016
                              Lust : Miss Me  Sweetheart ~?
                              Me : *Grabs A Knife* DON'T YOU DARE TOUCH ME !!!