Ask/dare the sanses

Ask/dare the sanses

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F this shit I'm out By moonlight_theshipper Updated 3 days ago

Just ask or dare all the sanses

All the sanses:

•sans (original)
•blueberry (underswap)
•edgy (underfell)
•dance (dancetale)
•geno (aftertale)
•reaper (reapertale)
•rotten (swapfell)
•error (errortale)
•ink (inktale)
•mans (my au squadtale)
•melon (melontale)
•sugar (sugartale)
•little (littletale <3)
•gore (squadfell)
•berry (squadswap)
•red (yandareswap)
•lust (underlust)
•horror (horrortale)
•dim (my au dimtale)
•shifter (ma au shifter tale)
•tragedy (poppy's au UnderTragedy)
•sci (science tale)
•fresh (under fresh)
•dream (dreamtale)
•nightmare (dreamtale?)
•gem (gemtale)
•jammy (paperjam)
•katana (katanatale)
•purple (lustswap sans)
• blood flower (flower fell sans)
•trainer (trainertale sans)

Is there anymore? Tell meh!

Pjmasklover Pjmasklover Aug 11
I dare you to invite......... Lust and let him take control for the whole day