Mystic Messenger: Jumin Han

Mystic Messenger: Jumin Han

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Toastykins By Toastcx Updated Sep 07, 2016

Mystic Messenger ~
Out of all the characters, Mr. Han is indeed my favorite. 

Has no plot really.. just wanted to do this 

Hopefully this turns out well!

                              SO CUTE
                              SO ADORABLE
                              SO WONDERFUL
                              LET ME LOVE YOU.
                              I was talking about the cat in case you were confused...
It's ok I know that he reminds you of your brother, but Jumin's way better than that
Tbh, I think Jumin is hotter and WAY MORE sexier than you. Your just a trashy casanova.
I'm not really tiny. I have a have a flat chest with a nice butt and a medium sized waist. I don't know what the hell your talking about, this is not me.
I specifically remember him saying," I have never met a women as beautiful as Elizabeth the 3rd."
MeyLoxlyH MeyLoxlyH Aug 23
i'm trying not to giggle like an idiot cause i'm in school... but DAMN, not fangirling feels like holding in a sneeze!!😭