No One Knows (On Hold)

No One Knows (On Hold)

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Jer-Beaar By Jer-Beaar Updated Jan 30

no"Ow, please s-stop," I said with tears running down my eyes. 

"Why should I do that cupcake?" He asked. 

"Beca-" He gripped harder on my wrist. 

"Tell me why Emma?" I didn't know it was possible but he still gripped tighter on my wrist. He looked down at my wrist and stared at me in shock, "I'm sorry. I'm a monster. I.. I....I hurt you. I promised you I would never do that.... but I did. I'm.... I'm sorry. So sorry." 

Emma Patterson does What she's told. Never gets in trouble. Everyone thinks she's a perfect angel with a bright smile, but no one really knows her. 

No one knows her smiles fake. No one knows that she puts on makeup to hide the bruises and cuts she has. 
No one knows her real home.
No one knows that her farther beats her every night because he's drunk.  
No one knows she is his punching bag to get out his rage. 
No one knows she's hurt inside but doesn't show it in her expression.  


This is the Sequal for suicide bridge. I hope you like it.

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