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My Fault {Joker}

My Fault {Joker}

289K Reads 10.4K Votes 26 Part Story
yellow By pplsss Updated Feb 18

"What makes ya think you're just my toy?"
"You don't care about me, you've said it before."

Joker x Reader
Foul language, trigger warning, maybe sexual content.
Jared Leto -> Joker.

You ain't drawing no shït in my face but you mark me in any other way
rozesforanii rozesforanii Nov 08, 2016
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Leave my face alone and we're good. If you hurt my shîtty face, I'll shît you up you mothafucka😑
Does anybody else sometimes just get sick of Harley like when yhu reading books that's about yhu and the joker and she all jealous and makin comments and yhu like Harley I love ya punkin but I need yhu to shut tf up and be quiet but I still love yhu with all my heart ?
I don't know about y'all but I'd take Harley over the joker any day
I am recovering from a panic atack. please say there are no therapists, being strapped down to a chair/ table, etc. help me please.