The Circle Of Crazy! ~ Sound Soul

The Circle Of Crazy! ~ Sound Soul

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Melody By CrazyFandomAlert Updated Jun 29, 2017

The Circle Of Crazy Fanfiction

They denied everyone's sneers and held their heads high. They wiped away their tears and stayed strong. They laughed when it hurt. They're stronger than the rest of us.

They were undefeated. Their members reached out far and wide, scattered across the globe, but still bound by their bonds.
They were a big, happy, crazy family that could never be torn apart.
This is their story.

They Are The Circle Of Crazy.

"They're criminals! They need to be wiped out! They'll kill us all!"

"The Circle of Crazy is just a bunch of insane lunatics who kill who they like, whenever they like! They have to be destroyed before more innocent lives are taken!"

"They're not complete criminals! Sure, they kill but they've never once killed an innocent!"

"If we treat them like an enemy, they'll treat us like an enemy as well!" 

"You have no idea what we've been through, time and time again. Don't act like you know us because of what you've heard. If you looked deeper into the shadows, you'd see our true selves and you'd see how each one of us have suffered greatly to get to where we are now."

What force lies in the shadows beyond that of reality? 

Warning: Violence, death. Marked as mature for safety. Don't like death, blood or violence? Please do not read. I have tried to make sure the scenes aren't too graphic but it's still pretty violent.

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AXTheCoolKid AXTheCoolKid Aug 15, 2016
Shouldn't it be UNSOUND soul, because we have UNSOUND minds cuz you know, we're crazy. Get it?
heart_of_a_Slytherin heart_of_a_Slytherin Sep 18, 2016
Being a member of the circle just makes this all the more amusing
Who-Am-I-Really Who-Am-I-Really Aug 15, 2016
TIS AMAZING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh and hello don't think we have met =3