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Prussia x Reader - Three Worlds

Prussia x Reader - Three Worlds

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Fräulein Stick By ALizSoLa Updated Dec 19, 2016

You, a young girl of 14 years, raised in a girls home just to be sold to a stranger like every girl on your continent. Stranger is the right word, he looks strange too. And his family is also strange, different than the cruel men taught you in the home. But what does that mean for your life? And...are there really only two societies?

rainbowcooki rainbowcooki Dec 11, 2016
You should have put an option of cup size like (c/s) or something because not everyone is a C cup, for example, me, because I am flat.
rainbowcooki rainbowcooki Dec 11, 2016
Couldn't you have put (y/n)? It would make it feel as if the reader is really in the story.
ALizSoLa ALizSoLa Dec 11, 2016
Oh boi, I waited for a comment like this. You see, I'm almost flar myself, but I had to fit the description on the society. As you might have noticed, society is totally ignorant and she has to fulfill certain requirements to get sold. @rainbowcookie