Loser Like Me (Zene)

Loser Like Me (Zene)

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Queen of Zene (Zane x Gene) By Stargazer_Nightwing Updated Aug 14

Zane frowned as he looked at his reflection. He wasn't wearing his mask, and was holding his black overhanging hair with one hand aside. His blinded eye wasn't stitched up, but it wasn't supposed to be opened either. He let go of his black bangs, and let them fall back into place over his blind eye. He grabbed his mask off the bathroom sink, and wrapped it around his lower head, covering his nose and mouth. He tied it tightly, so that it wouldn't fall off. He closed his icy blue eye, and opened it again. He grabbed his werewolf ears gently, and folded them against his head, and under a few strands of his hair. He lifted the back of his school uniform shirt, and let his tail slide up against his back. He unlocked the bathroom door, and opened it.

"About time...." Vlayd frowned.
"..........." Zane remained silent and stepped outside the bathroom.

Vlayd went in, and Zane went downstairs. Garroth was kicking a soccer ball on his knees, and texting on his phone. Zane frowned. Zianna was a...

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I don't want to sound mean but I hate it when authors put themselves in the story. But it's good that just annoyed me