Aftermath (Young Justice)

Aftermath (Young Justice)

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♡ Suga-Free ♡ By HomicidalLunatic Updated Mar 08

Sequel to "Trust Isn't Made To Be Broken"

During the few weeks following the end of Batman's enraged state, the team, Justice League and Dynamic Duo themselves are trying to adjust to normal life again. 

The antidote for the "Rage" drug is being administered to all found victims in Gotham City and the drug dealers are being put away, one by one. Though, the heroes will soon find that the past will come back to bite them again if they don't find the maker, Edward T. Black.

With Robin still recovering from his injuries and Batman suffering from aftereffects of "Rage", hell is bound to break loose in the mothercity of crime.

Pairings: None.
Genre: Angst, Drama, Humour.
Rating: T for minor Language

Leaving him alone like that is almost as worse as stabbing him
I'm totally clueless but wtf happened to Dick why is he hurt?
Black-Canary-Lover Black-Canary-Lover Dec 26, 2016
He should be mumbling this and and then get yelled at by Alfred
DragonSlayerLee DragonSlayerLee Aug 10, 2016
Awesome. I can't wait to see where you go with this sequel! Nice first chapter
Nightblue27 Nightblue27 Dec 14, 2016
"Alfred leave your meal in the fridge sir.." "Oh Good thats my favorite food!" Reminds me the line in the The Lego Batman trailer when Bat arrived at home and took his meal and so on
Sorry seems you have something in your throat, you ment tk call Edward a motherfucker