The Shadow Circle

The Shadow Circle

186K Reads 12.3K Votes 43 Part Story
Lisbeth By -LisBug Completed

Highest rank: #1 in Action, #13 in Humor 

 Brat, lazy, smartass, troublemaker call her whatever you want, one thing's for certain. Eighteen year old Kestrel Seran is a magnet for trouble. But when her sister goes missing somewhere in the Himalayan mountains, Kes will do whatever it takes to find her. The plan is simple: Find Arianna and get her home. Screw the rest.

Simple, right?

Now Kes finds out that she's screwed up in the most spectacular fashion. She's gotten herself involved neck deep in the Shadow Circle, a four hundred year old crime organisation that controls half the illegal activity in Asia and some parts of the western world.

Oh, and the FBI. She's also pissed off the FBI.

Fortunately (or unfortunately) she's not alone. A really hot assassin called Kaito, who puts the 'ass' in 'assassin', a spy who hates her guts and a hacker who has an annoying habit of pissing off powerful people become her only allies. 

Well...when life gives you a bunch of dumb options, just pick the dumbest and enjoy the ride.

If you like powerful secret societies, hot assassins and lazy females with the mindset of a criminal mastermind, assassinations, this book is for you

Author's Note: This book features the laziest lead to grace the action genre so be warned. It also has some swearing.

(No, I don't mean atrocious grammar, there's just a lot of swearing going on)

Have fun!

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Deatroit Deatroit Aug 09, 2017
umm I finished reading ;-; just waiting for da last chapter ;-; ;-;
iFreaK13 iFreaK13 Apr 08, 2017
Wow cool.. 😎the new cover is just so cool.. i love it and its like a cover of a published book..good job
aintcommon1715 aintcommon1715 Jul 14, 2017
OH BTW HERE I AM right after the beauty and the heist 😂 yo
- - May 05, 2017
Sweet. It's about time we had a lazy lead instead of a heroic one :D
CarlyGatton CarlyGatton Mar 22, 2017
Your book description is amazing I'm going to love this book😉
brocos_tutsamanki_ brocos_tutsamanki_ Sep 04, 2017
i am irish. i am sure i can get offended easily. but it doesn't happen to often tho.