Alphas Angel (completed)

Alphas Angel (completed)

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K E E L Y By QueenKeely Completed

I was eating my favourite- sticky chicken wings, when I heard a fierce possessive growl. I thought it was my stomach, possessive over the food, but it wasn't.

I knew it wasn't because I heard "you're mine chicken" now at first I was going to shout at him for wanting to steal my chicken but I realise, he was talking to me.

I was looking into the eyes of my mate with a piece of chicken in my mouth, how embarrassing.

I'm Lainey knight, daughter of Damien and Angel Knight; King and queen of demons.

My mate is Izaiha Luciano, son of Alessio and Christine Luciano; King and queen of werewolves.

I need a bucket of chicken

Highest rank; #96 in werewolf 6/2/17
*book 1*
*this book sucks as I've been told so don't read it!

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