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a second home for all those students who come leaving their native place to other city for a bright future. It is the best experience every student wants to experience once in their life.Living on your own without parents and their fear . Having midnight food with gossips ,some silly games and much more....
                                                                   But what happens when the hostel room assigned to you was once assigned to some one .
Someone who has not vacated it from ... the past 10 years 

NAVYA ARORA .... a beautiful , smart , intelligent girl who is all ready to experience a new phase in her life ... college phase . Wants to be a successful doctor like her brother and takes admissio to the most prestigious college of the country 
and is assigned a hostel room .
Room no. 308 ..... 
The same room which is still not vacated from past 10 YEARS.....

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avantikasekaran avantikasekaran Sep 23, 2016
The story is good. I think don't use Hindi words between every thin
SolsticeNua SolsticeNua Oct 02, 2016
Well I am glad the girl got such a good grade, and it was shaping up to be an interesting story, but wonder why the 'switch' into horror? Surely thatwas the intention all along?
Shuzuka0319 Shuzuka0319 Jan 13
Super cool.... I love horror storys and ur story is really interesting.... So keep going.. do ur best
ExoTAB ExoTAB Sep 03, 2016
I really like it! But oh god I know the feeling... the anxiousness, the stress... and when it finally pays off everything seems perfect again... ;)
swapnamathapati swapnamathapati Nov 28, 2016
Realllllllly it was justtttt awsome.....mummmmmnaaaa..😂😂😂😂sooo night time..i read ths story..ohhhh!!!!!godddd!!! Save me😭😭😭😭anywys u did a grt job..soo imaginative story..keep..itup..good going..
JustAWink_01 JustAWink_01 Sep 05, 2016
Thanx alot dear..... and for the  mistakes .. kindly bear them plzz will correct them after the story get complted :)