Eye Color (A Darkiplier Fanfic)

Eye Color (A Darkiplier Fanfic)

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This is a Youtuber fanfic with my OC with Darkiplier. If you don't know darkiplier, READ TO FIND OUT! :D 



"being lonely isn't a very good way to live princess" He said in his deep dark voice. 

"Why do you care..." I said my eyes a blue for sadness. 

"Because, because I do" I could see a light blush on his face and blushed as well.

"But your not him" I said as hot tears streamed down my face.

"What makes him better then me?" He asked.

That, I could not answer.

Started : December 16 2016
Posted : December 28 1016
Completed : June 26 2017

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Nicole_Chan27 Nicole_Chan27 Mar 14, 2017
omeeeee! tHE BEST! I like it! skylar's hair is awsome! and her eyes O.O ^_^
TartTama300 TartTama300 Aug 10, 2016
I liked, it like at the beginning it's turn to a horror then to a normal dream * two thumbs up * ( I wish I can give you more thumbs up but I only have two hands lol)
chicken-dip chicken-dip Aug 15, 2016
Just realize something
                              Doesn't that mean you can't fake an emotion?
                              I mean, what are they called?  Contact lenes?
                              She can use those to hide it :1
endercookie555 endercookie555 Aug 10, 2016
I really like it!!
                              And I may ship you guys now >:3