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--- Cassidy Rodriguez ✨

"Man fuck is this ?!" Marlon yelled at his sister while holding up an used condom. He automatically thought she was fucking. He stepped to her and got all in her face.

"You outchea' fucking some lil nigga uh ?" 

She moved from him and scrunch her face up. "No, that's Mink's condom." She retorted back. Mink would always bring some napping headed ass girl to their house and fuck her.

But Marlon wasn't hearing that. He thought that his sister was fucking some nigga in his mom's crib and he wasn't having that. 

"Fuck he at man ?" He soften up his tone and stepped away from her. He could tell she was getting a little scared. He would always threaten to fuck her up but he never did. He couldn't hurt his sisters if he tried. 

"I don't know...probably with Venus." She shrugged. He stared at her for a second and squinted his eyes. "I know you not talk bout' burning Venus ?" He asked her.

She nodded and looked away from him. She unlocked her iPhone a...

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meganisluv meganisluv Mar 12, 2017
Negro that doesn't mean you do the same thing. Take that as a lesson learn and be great and not dumb
MiyaCouTure MiyaCouTure Apr 23, 2017
I think 90 percent of us are in that last sentence I've been told that I'm not a virgin for having huge thighs 
                              Someone please explain this to me cause I'm lost
Elizabetharmant225 Elizabetharmant225 Jul 29, 2017
Girl Bye your nigga probably cheating and beating on your ass
leonte8 leonte8 Jul 30, 2017
Nah sis you need to leave her alone then because she trying to drag you in some baf
QueenBvppin QueenBvppin Mar 23, 2017
Oh hell no first of all she needa be independent and get her own money so in cases like this, she'll be able to leave the situation and still have money
4thelovingofbooks 4thelovingofbooks Mar 11, 2017
The first chapter was bomb so  I know the rest is going to get even better