Team Bonding

Team Bonding

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aly m. yang By alymxy Updated Jan 07

shiratorizawa   x   r e a d e r


it's not everyday that a member from the oikawa family actually attends shiratorizawa ...

i mean come on, at least she went.  what was the hype anyways?  all she expected was a super duper rich school,  not the whole boy's volleyball team tailing her like duckies, or uh i mean, eagles....

oh who am i kidding?   definitely duckies.   tall, idotic, slightly annoying, yet adorable duckies.

NHearts NHearts 4 days ago
And you just the 'oh shït (oh shït oh shït) Oh shït (oh shït oh shït)' song play in the background
Quinn_Halo Quinn_Halo Jan 10
That's it! Oikawa is legit my mom in this story, only a mother can simply give a three hour lecture while still continuing
elliiboo elliiboo Jan 14
Seems? I'm the example of socially awkward on Merriam Webster.
semipai semipai Jan 12
LOLOLOL@shreddingmisery bish you need this book just as much as I need Semi Eita. Which is, a lot
Quinn_Halo Quinn_Halo Jan 10
It's hard to keep a straight face while reading this in a family dinner.....
semipai semipai Jan 12
omfg Semi moved hislips I am screaming