Eddsworld x Reader One Shots

Eddsworld x Reader One Shots

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Smol Senpai By Littlestjamz Updated a day ago

This is my first one-shots book. Please feel free to suggest anything! Yes... even lemons! I'll try to update often! Only x readers please! I'll make another book soon about non x readers if it helps.

REQUEST ON THE FIRST CHAPTER or else I won't see it.

I don't own the Eddsworld Characters.

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Edd x furry cat reader where the reader is turned into half cat and edd cares for her and they grow liking each other and fluff happens when they both admit it
Some REVERSE Eddsworld maybe ? With Reverse Tord , Green Leader, and rev.tom
MidnightPup MidnightPup Nov 20
Could you please do an Eduardo x reader fluff please? :3
                              I have weird taste in favorite characters lol
So I've seen that there's a Edd x Reader Lemon, Matt x Reader Lemon, and Tord x Reader Lemon. So....... can you do a Tom x Reader Lemon...? (If you're still taking requests, that is...)
Yo littlest, its meh (Tiger Taffy/Just a random youtuber) anyeays, can you do a patryk x reader fluffy lemon? Thx
Could you do a Future Edd x reader lemon :3 please? I'll give you cookies :3