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Everyone called her Red.

From the brown piercing eyes to the blazing red hair; she was perfect and what everyone wanted to be; beautiful, funny and confident. However, no ones perfect. Behind all the glamorous beauty, Red was oblivious and naive. To put it in simpler words "Stupid"

Red was happy. She had everything she wanted and she was actually a genuinely gleeful girl. But all the happiness drains when a certain boy steps into her life.

Damon Cooper: the bad boy in town who was also said to be the leader of the gang Hell Boys. Cooper was home schooled for a while when he was forced to enroll to this school by his new foster parents. Red and Cooper were the complete opposite. She had the happy-go-lucky attitude and he was a dangerous loner that no one wanted to be friends with, well, except for Red. 

Throw in a couple of mishaps, drama and a sprinkle of love and you'll get the story of our dear beloved Red and how she managed to get herself and Damon into a pit of problems.


  • damon
  • hate
  • kill
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XxXangelsInfantXxX XxXangelsInfantXxX Mar 14, 2017
That's the spirit 
                              If you are a rule breaker you might be a nice rule breaker
kaykay199701 kaykay199701 Sep 24, 2017
Read this book now and it is very good :-) I love the front cover that you made the words backwards, good touch! Keep up the good writing
Setsothedope Setsothedope Dec 30, 2017
Why Talk About Home Its Boring Just Move On To School Cause That's Where It All Happens
ShiningBlueStar ShiningBlueStar Aug 09, 2017
I want to know how old Selena is,  cause I just feel her children's age is too much,  don't you think? 
                              Somehow,  it's quite rushed,  but am still reading it
deans_apple_piesss deans_apple_piesss Dec 07, 2016
This is me, I'm completely shy but when you get to really know me I can be so freaking loud and have a mouth that would make a sailor blush. I'm not even joking 😂
AmeTheIdiot AmeTheIdiot Feb 20, 2017
I think it has a great plot, kid!  You're going somewhere.  One thing, I've noticed aces run on sentences.  Other than that, I bet you could go far.  Says someone who would die without autocorrect.