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The girls had just won the world cup. A fifteenth year long wait had finally come to an end. It felt just like a dream. As soon as the whistle blew the celebrations had started. The locker room was filled with loud music, screams and bottles of champagne.  The party then moved to a local bar that they had booked out.

They all arrived in the team bus. The quiet bar, soon became a wild party. Tobin sat with Ash at the bar taking everything in. Everyone was so happy. Her two best friends Kelley and Alex were dancing on the tables, Kling, Sydney and Pineo were already hammered, then there was Chris sitting with JJ. Every once in a while Tobin would glance over at Christen. Every time Chris would catch her and would smile back.Tobin started to drink a bit more. Her glances became more like stares. She just couldn't keep her eyes off the beautiful brunette. Ash started to notice how concentrated Tobin was on Press.

"You like her, dont you?" Ash asked.

"What, uh yeah."   Tobin's eyes were still fixed on Christen.

"Why dont you ask her to dance." As Ash said that, Christen got up off her seat and made her way over to Tobin and Ash."I really want to but, I dont know." Tobin hung her head trying to hide from her crush.

"Hey Tobin." Press said while flashing her warmest smile.

"Hey Press." Tobin said fighting back all her nerves. 

Ash gave Tobin a little nudge.

"Wanna dance." Tobin anxiously asked.

"Of course Tobs."Tobin and Christen slowly danced to the music. Tobin's moved her hands down to Press's waist. The contact made Christen smile. Tobin looked up and smiled back. Christen placed her hand on Tobin's broad shoulder. They dance like that for a while, both staring endlessly into each others eyes. The music eventually stopped. The two were both so caught up in each other that they didn't even realize the music had stopped. They broke their gaze. Tobin leaned in to whisper into Christen ear. Wanna come back to my room?" Tobin seductively asked.

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