I Have Friends in Holy Spaces

I Have Friends in Holy Spaces

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Back On My Bullshit By Idrisisthetardis Completed

Belleville's a usually quiet town, so quiet it's almost sketchy. Frank Iero has lived his eighteen years in the quiet and sketchy town of Belleville with nothing but stories to tell. Some of them so outrageous that they must be lies, right?

  Like the time Brendon Urie ignored Frank and Pete for six months to talk to Ryan Ross, right? 

  Like the time when Pete Wentz was so hurt by the fact Brendon and Frank hung out without him that he made his way to Brendon's house, climbed a tree, fell off said tree and almost broke his arm, right? 

  Or the time when Frank and Pete both accidentally unleashed a demon in the Iero household that created catastrophic consequences for all involved, right? 

  Ah, nothing like a good old outrageous story.


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Am I the only person who thought of monster house when they brought up that the house looked like something out of a horror movie? Nope just me? Ok then I’ll just go.
Three scratches also means that there is a demonic presence. Three is a number the demons like.
people screaming in the early hours of the morning in new jersey is completely normal
                              my familys from there
geewxy geewxy Jul 25
My room is literally on a closet
                              Even though i came out of it awhile ago
They should've done this at 9 in the afternoon, that's usually when Brend-SaTaN appears
Me too hehehehe
                              But seriously Gerard quit terrorizing the children