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I Have Friends in Holy Spaces

I Have Friends in Holy Spaces

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*insert name here* By the_papaya_ Completed

Belleville's a usually quiet town, so quiet it's almost sketchy. Frank Iero has lived his eighteen years in the quiet and sketchy town of Belleville with nothing but stories to tell. Some of them so outrageous that they must be lies, right?

  Like the time Brendon Urie ignored Frank and Pete for six months to talk to Ryan Ross, right? 

  Like the time when Pete Wentz was so hurt by the fact Brendon and Frank hung out without him that he made his way to Brendon's house, climbed a tree, fell off said tree and almost broke his arm, right? 

  Or the time when Frank and Pete both accidentally unleashed a demon in the Iero household that created catastrophic consequences for all involved, right? 

  Ah, nothing like a good old outrageous story.


This makes me think of that one movie called nemo where this boy has this dream about a magical land
MaddCakee MaddCakee Apr 03
I saved that sentence as a quote, it's now gonna be my lock screen
Alice_Liddell Alice_Liddell 2 days ago
I would've told them to say goodbye, but with demons it doesn't really matter
Little Nemo : Adventures in Slumberland is what it's called, gr8 movie btw
Alice_Liddell Alice_Liddell 2 days ago
I guess there's someone outside your window, but you'll just never know
for some reason that reminded me of that episode of One Punch Man where it was that bald guy who had a super thick skull.