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I Have Friends in Holy Spaces

I Have Friends in Holy Spaces

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Official Trash Can By IdrisistheTardis Completed

Belleville's a usually quiet town, so quiet it's almost sketchy. Frank Iero has lived his eighteen years in the quiet and sketchy town of Belleville with nothing but stories to tell. Some of them so outrageous that they must be lies, right?

  Like the time Brendon Urie ignored Frank and Pete for six months to talk to Ryan Ross, right? 

  Like the time when Pete Wentz was so hurt by the fact Brendon and Frank hung out without him that he made his way to Brendon's house, climbed a tree, fell off said tree and almost broke his arm, right? 

  Or the time when Frank and Pete both accidentally unleashed a demon in the Iero household that created catastrophic consequences for all involved, right? 

  Ah, nothing like a good old outrageous story.


That's what i feel should happen in the morning. Ya know the whole "Fück you bed! I gotta go but you're being a dickhole!"
That's rude. Funny, but rude. And also something I would say.
I don't know whether I should scream Petekey or Father Way, so I'll do both
Mine has been going on for about 14 years now. Still strong, a few fights after the burrito but hey, that's what makes a good relationship.
Mrs-Fuentes Mrs-Fuentes Mar 11
We had someone say there were gonna shoot up the school during a pep rally...I wish they had 97% of the people in my school are either assholes or preps so...