Then, There Was You.  #NewAdult

Then, There Was You. #NewAdult

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LilyFullyLiving By LilyFullyLiving Updated Aug 31

Book 2 Of "Hello, Mr. Darcy" I will HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you first read "Hello, Mr. Darcy"

Summary : 

    "Sometimes, tragedy comes in your life at the most unexpected and most unfortunate times, and most often than not, it takes everything you care deeply about, most importantly the person you love the most....even more than life itself."


Longer Synopsis Inside!!!

saucymom saucymom Sep 11
i hope  there's a happy ending heart bleed for them!!
That letter he wrote...
                              Love it and I didn't read the book yet.. 
                              Omg... love it
diyashah12 diyashah12 Jul 22
No offence but I think it should be jotted down and not jogging, please correct me if I am wrong.
I'm still confused as to what happened but I'm excited to find but rn I need to eat breakfast or brunch whatever 😁😁😁 
                              Loving it thoo
what happened....did they breakup again ... i thot everything was ok between them now...plzz  explain
It's a good thing, I'm a grammar police then. I'm joking I won't try to correct anything.