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U L T R A V I O L E N C E By Midnight_Indigo Updated Nov 26

Elijah Kade Maverick is one of the  most mysterious,yet beautiful person at  Ridgemont High. 

         He's quiet,intelligent,and cold. He
     shows absolutely no emotion and never talks. The teachers don't even call on him anymore. 

                Me. Well I'm a boring average girl that had three awesome friends and a somewhat weird family. 

                     My life was normal,nothing  interesting and very predictable until he broke his silence and spoke to me.

ofisolis ofisolis Aug 09
Oooohh I like this so for, then again all your stories are wonderful (>.<)
eva_cage eva_cage Oct 21
Dude your going good with tje first chap itself...its awesome..*sing that part*..but update fast..can't wait
rosi696969 rosi696969 Nov 25
I am so curious about this book. It is so different from other here. I am thinking all this day why he doesnt talk to other people. I hope that it isnt a really bad thing which happened to him.  I cant wait to the moment when the action starts and when he say something to the main heroine !!!
Thank you so much💖💗💖💗💖❤❤😍😚😍😚😍😚
Cielo1438 Cielo1438 Oct 19
I will tell u one thing u got me by the intro and it made me intrested even tho its barely finished hope u continue😄😄
rosi696969 rosi696969 Nov 24
Omg ! I have only read this small prologue and i have to say that this story is one of favs now !!!