Surviving the Life of College (Smythe #3)

Surviving the Life of College (Smythe #3)

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Laeti By 3dream_writer3 Updated Jan 26

*sequel to Surviving the Life of Dax. Will include spoilers*
*cover created by FlowerOfCamelis*

       Daxton Harper Smythe: An eighteen year old boy who has been through quite a lot. He isn't like most teens. Most people don't know that he's struggling on the inside. They just assume he is a happy and weird boy.

       Isadora Sophia Owens: Her older sister took her own life because she was struggling way too much. She went through quite a lot and lost her friends because they didn't appreciate everything she did for them.

       That is why Dax and Isadora are a match made in heaven. Ever since their first encounter, they have been there for each other and now, they can never been more in love.

        All the couple has to do is survive the twists and turns of the college life.

WARNING: There will be some trigger warnings as the book deals with a serious mental illness. Read at your own risk.

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I'm so sorry to disappoint you father but I need to have him
BlueMonica BlueMonica Aug 12, 2016
I want a dog like him, you guys are so lucky even though your fictional
lillipowell lillipowell Feb 01
Wait who's rosa? It's been a while since I read the previous books but am I missing something?
Unnoticeabl3 Unnoticeabl3 Aug 12, 2016
ROSA IS SO CUTE I JUST WANT TO PINCH ITS CHUBBY CHEEKS EEEKK *FANGIRLS* ( for some reason I couldn't comment on the picture thingy 😂 )
Free_Mind3 Free_Mind3 Aug 12, 2016
Even though it would have been cool for it to be a toaster Skittles is bae. Anyone who heard about skittles already knows.
Bookaholic_333 Bookaholic_333 Sep 04, 2016
I just want to let you know @3dream_writer3 that you made me have a crush on Cameron Dallas. Thank you so much. And I'm not be sarcastic. I really mean that.