Beware of the Darkness of Dragons [[FF]]

Beware of the Darkness of Dragons [[FF]]

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Sahel the SandWing By SaheltheSandWing Updated Oct 01

WARNING: Winterwatcher everywhere
    While it's not my favorite ship, it seems like one of the most likely to happen.  Plus the idea of Darkstalker 2.0 sounds fun.  SO PLEASE NO HATINGGGGG.

10/7/16 UPDATE: 

With details of Talons of Power recently released, consider this an AU.  
    Anyways, Shard is a NightWing and IceWing hybrid, dragonet of Moonwatcher and Winter.  She's a twice moon-born dragonet with some powers she's afraid of.  Darkstalker has taken over the dragon continent since his awakening, enslaving any rebels.  Will she follow in his footsteps or fight against him?
    WoF belongs to Tui T. Sutherland
    Shard belongs to me

Paytunes Paytunes Sep 04
Man. Just, wow. I know this is gonna turn into a good story. (I foresee it) he he. Great job, I'm looking forward to the next chapter. Keep up the good work.
Paytunes Paytunes Sep 14
Oh nu, it's a cliffy. Keep up the good work, I suspect that scream was from the skywing they captured, or the dragons being attacked. Only you are the one who can save us from this, this, well, "Oh my moons what's going to happen?!" Really nice job.