Kakashi's Daughter

Kakashi's Daughter

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InfinityxInfinity79 By InfinityxInfinity79 Updated Feb 12

Mizuki has no last name. She has no family left. Her clan was destroyed. Her family killed right in front of her eyes. She was the last person alive. Only one who holds their power. The best clan in the leaf. Better than the Uchiha. What if she's finds a certain silver haired ninja who takes her under his wing. Raises her to be one of the best ninja in the world. What if she falls in love with a certain raven? What if she holds something so powerful in her? A power so great the Akatsuki is after her. Even Orichumaru too. 

Read to find out more!!!

I do not own the Naruto characters just Mizuki.

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Flame-Brain Flame-Brain Aug 25, 2017
Kiba... where's your iconic hoodie fam.... akumaru struggling my boi...
Sasuke: Im better than you think because I’m an Avenger
                              Thor: Who invited you here?
Ivy_Woods Ivy_Woods Jan 07
Crush: It's okay to like me
                              Me: I don't like you. I just find you a good friend *Nervous laugh*
AnimeDonutsaur AnimeDonutsaur Aug 26, 2017
You better hope Kakabaka doesn't go all dad protective mode on u
I kinda lost where this book for was for a while and now I’m reading from the beginning
*Inhale* Neji, Shikamaru, Kiba, Shino, Lee, Kakashi, and even Choji is better. But..Sasuke?