Kakashi's Daughter

Kakashi's Daughter

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InfinityxInfinity79 By InfinityxInfinity79 Updated 4 days ago

Mizuki has no last name. She has no family left. Her clan was destroyed. Her family killed right in front of her eyes. She was the last person alive. Only one who holds their power. The best clan in the leaf. Better than the Uchiha. What if she's finds a certain silver haired ninja who takes her under his wing. Raises her to be one of the best ninja in the world. What if she falls in love with a certain raven? What if she holds something so powerful in her? A power so great the Akatsuki is after her. Even Orichumaru too. 

Read to find out more!!!

I do not own the Naruto characters just Mizuki.

GrimPure GrimPure Aug 12
I have one question why use they word daddy ... Well I call my dad daddy but why call him that you could have call him "Yo old man" or "Dad"
lexiDrag lexiDrag Jul 16
Future fiancé!!!! (Sorry spoilers but sadly book isn't updated yet so I'm reading it again!)
irvine328 irvine328 Jul 19
'sweat drop' Yes, we know he's attractive... but come on, can't think of any other reasons you like him? no? just the looks? k then...
x_Ring970_x x_Ring970_x Jul 26
Don't you mean, Sasuke: Hnn hn. Hnn Hnn Hn Hn Hnnnn Hn Hn Hnn.
x_Ring970_x x_Ring970_x Jul 26
As a Fairy Tail fangirl, Naruto male fanservice doesn't affect me after Gray Fullbuster.
Well in real life this doesn't happen and usually they kill u