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BLANCHÉ By foreons- Updated Jul 20

*editing;chapters past readers are familiar to will have almost completely new content

In the eyes of the world, fame comes with foolish expectancy and naive dreams. But beyond the camera flashes and spotlights lies only a world of snakes and vipers. Days mean but mere seconds in their world: how long is it before your throne is taken from right under you, how much time do you have left with your crown before someone else claims it? To feel only the glory for its mere seconds, yet the back of its whiplash for all of eternity. What exactly, is fame worth?

Yui Akaashi, through all her years, had never once wanted anything to do with that life of glory and misery.

But it takes only the single snap of finger before her life spirals beyond her control once more.

  [yuri!!! on ICE] fanfic 
  cover credit: @akirihito
  Highest ranking: #365 in Fanfiction

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