presto | yuri on ice

presto | yuri on ice

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♛ lysandra ♛ By alistaira- Updated Jan 01

Skating was a lifeline.
Music is a salvation and an escape from what she once loved with all her heart.

She, the sarcastic-sadistic pianist that is running away from a dream she cannot let go of--

Until, one fall; when her longtime pupil returns to their hometown and is then sought out by someone who begins a chain of (un)fortunate events that may give her the chance to finally gain closure to the illusions that has been haunting her for the past two years.

[yuri!!! on ICE] fanfic
Cover credit: @akirihito
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XDarkXEnergy XDarkXEnergy Nov 05, 2016
I've recently just started watching yuri on ice and this sounds so exciting. I love it already!
mahimahi2602 mahimahi2602 Nov 25, 2016
I'm going to be completely honest: I only came because of chiyuki on the cover. But I will read this cause it seems interesting :)
HikariVits HikariVits Dec 17, 2016
Ugh. I want him to win the gold at the series final DX (?) His performance was animated better (lol)
CrystalQween01 CrystalQween01 Nov 12, 2016
Every time I read the word "prowess" I think of atobe's "be awed by ore-sama's prowess"