Georgetown Academy, Book One

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Alyssa and Jessica By AlyssaandJessica Completed
In a town where one misstep can turn into a national scandal, the students at D.C.’s elite Georgetown Academy know there’s only one rule: whatever you do, don’t get caught.
That moment your Canadian and have no fücking clue what's going on because your sitting over here drinking maple syrup and talking about how much we hate our Prime Minister.
Sidwell Friends school is where Sasha and Malia Obama go. It's where a bunch of first children have gone.
Why this sounding like gossip girl :D 
                                    Interesting I read it
Good girls are bad girls that havent been caught comes to mind ;D
I just feel like I'm reading a political spin-off of Gossip girl... Okay, cool!
I live in dc and this is possibly the weirdest thing ever we sound so fancy