Chemistry (Bennomi Oneshots) ||#wattys2017||

Chemistry (Bennomi Oneshots) ||#wattys2017||

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Bennett Frazier's Wife By MrsBennettFrazier Updated Sep 17

A collection of oneshots that I have written at the request of others or of my own whim.

Comments, votes, suggestions and requests are all deeply appreciated. If you like these check out my other stories as well for more feels, ships, tears and laughter.

If you have hate comments, they will be deleted and you will be muted. Constructive criticism is welcomed as long as it isn't overly rude toned (as far as tone can be percieved through text).

**DISCLAIMER: RubixCube89201 owns all the characters used in these one shots. I own nothing except the cover, plot, and the responsibility for any emotions caused by this book** 

Started: 22/08/2016 

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Bk_writes Bk_writes Oct 08
Lips are chapped and faded call my AUNT MARIE!!!
                              ~TØP and MCR anyone?
                              I'm sorry. . .
                              I'm lame
-badtzmaru -badtzmaru Jul 29
Bk_writes Bk_writes Oct 08
Why are tears forming up in my eyes whilst laughing?
                              Oh wait... It's le book.
Paris3497 Paris3497 Sep 06
I usually don't like reading the poem ineshots but this was good 😀😀
                              *puts hand on chest* I'm hurt *cries dramatically*
Bk_writes Bk_writes Oct 08