On The Run (Gaster! Sans X Reader) ☠

On The Run (Gaster! Sans X Reader) ☠

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[I n s e r t  P u n] By ProfessionalGeek101 Updated Nov 20

"So (Y/N)," the lady police officer said as she takes a seat. "tell me what happened"

You say nothing, you just stare down at your handcuffs as a million thoughts rush through your mind. You are heartbroken, crushed, shocked even, but you can't say this is the first time it happened to you. This is what you get for loving someone again. 

"We need you to tell us what happened" she said, but in a little louder tone.

"Why should I tell you anything?" you snapped with your gaze still locked on your handcuffs.

The lady leans back in her chair and crosses her arms. "If you don't start talking," she said as two guys with tasers  came out of the shadows behind her. "we will have to force the information out of you"

You look at the two intimidating men standing behind the lady, then you look back at the lady, questioning yourself if you would rather get tasered or tell them the story. As much as you hate to, you have to tell them the story of what happened because it sounds a lot less painful than getting tasered. "Okay" you said. "I'll tell you what happened"

The two men behind the lady lower their teasers a little as they listen to you talk. You adjust your self in your seat while saying, "get comfortable 'cause it's gonna be a long story"

"We've got time" the lady smirked.

"Alright then. It all started when I was 17..."

Just so calm about it, like: "Yeah, I just killed my parents, don't even worry about it."
Is it bad that I am literally listening to a song that says; 'we all still die'? No? Just me?
@FuturexPoptart read this and you'll see why my heart is beating so fricken fast rn