Pokemon Go: Spark X Reader

Pokemon Go: Spark X Reader

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Aquarius By Aquarius2017 Updated Nov 09

Seriously why hasn't anyone stopped me yet.....

I've had like 2 million ideas for X readers and no one has said stop it yet.....

(y/n) is a new Pokemon Trainer for Team Instinct....
One day... a Charizard appeared in the forest while you were walking....
Then your suddenly tackled...

EspiChan17 EspiChan17 Nov 01
I can NEVER transfer my jolteon's or eevee's they r y I always win ;-;
Kitsunega Kitsunega Sep 14
I almost joined Mystic at first but then I saw Spark and went, "Haha, nope. Fu CK MYSTIC. I'M GOING WITH THIS DORK RIGHT HERE."
My otaku friend is mystic
                              BUT I'M INSTINCT
'And I will crush every team that comes my way... with memes, particularly trash memes'
AGeekyGamer AGeekyGamer Oct 01
I need to make 3 accounts i already have 2 one of dem ar Instinct and the other dosent have 1 yer
Random guy (or RG);are you a girl or boy?
                              Blanche:i am blanche
                              RG:whats between you legs?
                              Blanche:spark*looks down and shows spark*
                              Spark:shhhhh im hiding