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❝You taught me the courage of stars.
  How light carries endlessly, even after death.
  With shortness of breath, you explained the infinite.
  How rare and beautiful it is to exist.❞
  - Sleeping at Last, Saturn.

      terse \\Keith teaches Lance to be a Fanboy

      Regret is a device of destruction that dwells within the mind and it cannot be restrained as it blooms darkly within the thoughts of a dreamer, a lost boy - so Lance finds himself in the darkest of forests, where the flower-beds are poisonous and deceiving. His mind grows dead and lifeless.
      But regret is nothing without the nightmares that fuel it into the most deadliest of traps. Regret is nothing without a memory to grasp and suck the sweetness out of. Regret is nothing without a mind to steal rationality from. 
      The other boy learnt this the hard way.
      And suddenly Keith was the one in constant remorse.

• cover by yours truly, credit to artist: @aquafeles on tumblr, AU •

Maratmalie3 Maratmalie3 Aug 24, 2016
Sadly I haven't watched free, I can't, they're too hot and I can't help but blush madly, then my mom thinks I'm crazy