Mutated Apocalypse 4

Mutated Apocalypse 4

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Griz By Grizzly014 Updated Oct 23, 2016

(2016 Turtles)

As the Apocalypse carries on, Griz and Donnie begin to grow an unexpected bond as Donnie tries to whip up the cure.
The walkers and zombie dogs began to grow fungal limbs and develop eyes that can be seen in complete darkness. Along with the dead, they grow more powerful for gaining new abilities, such as smelling farther, running faster, and allowing their hoax to turn into one of them faster.

 Soon, when Donatello confesses on how he feels about his best friend, Griz made a horrible mistake when she wasn't able to control it.
Then a family member is taken away, but why?

Later, when one of the girls grows ill, it puts a turtle in worry, then having newcomers... Griz then soon finds out something that she'll have to deal with, but not alone.

Disclaimer- I do not own tmnt, they belong to the ones that created them.

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