My Alpha Mate {Unedited}

My Alpha Mate {Unedited}

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  I keep running, trying to escape the wolves that are running after me.

  Run! Keep running, don't stop! My wolf tells me

  Samantha is a werewolf who was abused by her pack. She was accused of something she didn't do when she was  7 years old. Her own brothers doesn't believe her, and instead of helping her from the pack, they started abusing her too. For 10 years she was abused by her pack, until one day, she decided to run away. What happens when she trespasses the second most powerful pack in the world where she meets her alpha mate?

  (This book is unedited so please excuse any grammatical mistakes that you see.)

Loving the book & I can't wait for the next update! If you ever need a cover message me, and I'd make it! It helps with standing out to readers who.. you know.. "judge a book by it's cover" lol. Anyways, like I said I love the book please KEEP GOING!
Should be:
                              "G-got it," I replied.
                              Same goes for other sentences. ✌️
Ummmm.... How the fůck can a 7 year old kill both of their parents?!?!?!
emontoya53 emontoya53 Nov 08
Poor thing it wasn't her fault she was seven they were adults
I must admit I'm basically the antithesis of a teen fic / werewolf romance fan, so I have little to say! Haha.
larkezia larkezia Oct 06
Dafuq?! A 7yr old took on both her parents and killed them, and left without a scratch......
                              And the award for the dumbest person alive goes to.......*drum roll*