The Selection

The Selection

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Satan By -_-mikaelson-_- Updated Feb 07

35 girls. 1 prince.

Percy Jackson has finally reached age 18, old enough to hold his own selection. With 35 girls, he feels like he'll never find a bride until one calls him an idiot and crushes his foot.

Jason Grace was the adopted son. His parents, Beryl and Zeus, died in a car accident when he was seven. His uncle, King Poseidon, took him in to live with him as a prince. He never felt wanted though, more as if Poseidon adopted him to seem charitable to his subjects. 

Annabeth Chase hates the Selection. She refuses to to dress up for some prince that seems like an idiot. But when her father falls ill, she knows that he'll need the money from being in the Selection. So she enters.

Piper McLean doesn't love the oldest prince like most girls do. She's just here to get away from her step mother, who loves to brag about her daughter, who is also in Selection. She just wants to leave, thinking this place is no better than home, but can the younger prince change her mind? 

Hazel Levesque just entered the Selection to get away from the bullies of her school. But when she enters the Selection, she finds new, crueler ones at the palace. Through this dark tunnel, can she escape to the light of Frank Zhang?

Frank Zhang is a palace guard who brings honor to his family by serving. At least, that's what his grandmother says. His parents are dead, and he isn't sure he wants to make them proud, learning who his father really was. 

Leo Valdez is a palace servant. He worked there since his parents died at age six. He hates his job and almost escapes one night, but a selected girl gets in his way. 

Calypso Atlas never had many friends. She got nervous around people, so she ignored them. Her father was cruel, and her mother left when she was a baby. When the prince asks her on a date, she feels her heart swell. But is she in love with the Prince, or the idea of love?

In this world of supposed love, the only certainty is pain and betrayal.

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