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Anime Roleplay

Anime Roleplay

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Its a cloak no? By hetaliaislit Updated a day ago


Name: Shadow Namikaze
                              Age: 21
                              Gender: female
                              Sexuality: Straight.
                              Looks: Brown hair, White shirt, blue jeans, white sneakers and a long pony tail.
                              Personality: Emotionless, nice to children. 
                              Other: knows how to fight really good.
Name: Adia
                              Age: 22
                              Sexuality: Straight
                              Looks: Perrie Edwards
                              Personality: Cute, smart, shy, funny, sweet
                              Other: None
                              Flaws: She gets shy really easily
I can remember if I made an OC for this RP, but I was wondering if I could tag you.
Name: Alex
                              Age: 18
                              Gender: male 
                              Sexuality: bi
                              Look: he have white hair with purple eyes and wears strip shirt with blue paint and convers 
                              Personally: he is nice and shy towered people but can be mean when angered and playfull 
                              Other : he likes games and know how to do boxing
_BlueSoul _BlueSoul Mar 24
Have you seen Kamisama Kiss? If not, you should watch it, its very good ^-^
Hi, I was wondering if I could still join this rp? And if I can, may I tag you to an oc?