Emotions Cloud { A Gaster!Sans X Reader story }

Emotions Cloud { A Gaster!Sans X Reader story }

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Torture Daddy By MitsukiReads Completed

Monsters were freed.
They lived in piece.
But humans didn't.
1 week after the monsters arose,
The humans killed.
And war broke loose.
1 war.
2 choices.

Y/n survives

While G!Sans kills

{Book 1 in 'The Rebel Girl' series}

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with entrails spilling everywhere >:P yes
                              so graphic sorry hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
ZBartlett4 ZBartlett4 May 02
I haven't even read this book yet, but you should totally make a version with the roles reversed
                              Ok, it's official, we need to have laser eyes
Wait is chara in this cause red eye knife is what she's known for
RosethornMlp RosethornMlp Nov 29, 2016
Different colored eyes can be signs of, erm, mary-sue... ness. But of course, I can tell is useful to the story. As well as I think this needs more description about how the cities were safe, maybe, or why everything else is in ruins. I'm sorry with all this kinda harsh demands and observations.
Unknown_kls Unknown_kls Oct 27, 2016
(҂-̀_-́) I'm a survivor not a quiter I SHALL PAINT THE STREETS RED WITH MONSTER BLOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!