The Sweetest Poison (COMPLETED)

The Sweetest Poison (COMPLETED)

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Libra23 By Libra23 Completed

This isn't you're typical fairytale where everyone lives happily ever after!

She once a poor girl who lived with her mother until situations forced things to happen out of her control.

She was made to live with her father, a man she barely knew, who hit the jackpot marrying rich. 

With his picturesque family where did she fit in between her new step sister, step brother and dog. 

Little did she know Cinderella had it a whole lot better than what Robyn Parker was getting ready to go through! 


 Robyn "Rihanna" Fenty as Robyn Parker
Chris Brown as Eli White
Kehlani as Elissa White

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DashaLewis DashaLewis Apr 13
Oh hell no they got that strange thing about the Johnsons type love uh uh RUN ROBYN GODDAMBIT RUUUNNN
elisenicole2 elisenicole2 Aug 11, 2016
She appears very timid...the exact opposite of her. He seems cunning and conniving...I'm intrigued as always.
Savage_Myla Savage_Myla Aug 21, 2016
😂😂😂 he was about to describe how beautiful she is😍😎
Lustaintlove Lustaintlove Aug 09, 2016
im here, im here! so de step sibling plot it is. 
                              is it too early for #Reli? haa.
pamie06 pamie06 Aug 11, 2016
I think his underestimating her because of how she played coy to his compliment, I am excited to see how this plays out... him and his step mother just gross regardless of their true ties just ugh
PatriceMain PatriceMain Aug 11, 2016
Emily is a peace of work. Eli got my laughing over here. I'm curious to see how Robyn will adapt to her new found situation 🤔