Take Me Back {Shameless}

Take Me Back {Shameless}

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unknown By ReflectionsLie Updated Jul 07

Mickey, desperate to get out of jail, was on his best behavior for almost 2 years. Once he heard the words come out of the guards mouth, he didn't hesitate to leave. 

"You're free to go"

Mickey ran and ran and ran. He sprinted his way to Gallagher house, to tell Ian he didn't need to wait anymore. That he was here. Once he got there, he was met by Lip. Lip explained to Mickey about everything, including Caleb. 

Mick tried his best to win Ian back but for some reason, Ian keeps pushing him away. Mickey being him, he didn't give up. He wouldn't- No couldn't give up. Not on the person who made his heart flutter and stomach churn. Not on the one who made him stand up to his old man and make him smile. Not on the only person who he loved more than anything else in the goddamned world. 

Just not Ian Gallagher..
Meanwhile, Mandy is staying at the Gallagher house for three months. The only problem is well... Lip. 

The first few days seemed fine, but soon conflict rises between the two and Mandy is left hurt. Lip doesn't do anything about it, even if he wants to. He doesn't know how he feels about her and he doesn't know what to do.

Why are Milkoviches so damn complicated??
Debbie is completely different ever since Franny got older. Debs feels like Franny just got louder and whinier and she couldn't take it! Things weren't going very well for her.

After a long tiring day, Debbie decides to leave Franny to one of her siblings and take a walk. Just as she was heading home she bumped into someone she never thought she'd ever see again. Someone who changed her life drastically..

As you can see, this story won't just revolve around Gallavich, but everyone else too. Just like the show!

I will change point of views quite often because I'd like to tell you guys how a certain character sees a certain scene

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I'm definitely glad Netflix only had the US version. Bipolar Ian was awesome along with Gallavich of course
kudyba9387 kudyba9387 Sep 16
I'm crying...this is the most amazing couple I have seen so far. And I ship them to the moon and back and hope one day we will see them together again
URG SO BEAUTIFY SO BEAUIFUL!! 👏👏😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭