It was all some dirty lie <•Shelax•>

It was all some dirty lie <•Shelax•>

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Why did he do this?

Was I not good enough?

I can change.

I can change for him.

What if he he comes back?

I don't know.

Should I take him back?

I still love him though.

Was our love just some dirty lie?

                    -=Was it all some dirty Lie?=-

Start:August 8,2016


Warning;This book contains Misspells,missing words,and bad editing.

Read at your own cost.


I will edit it later on.

He's a dick. He wasn't good enough for you. You shouldn't change for a stupid guy. If he does punch him. No you should not. Yes it was a dirty lie
...why does everyone write romantic stories? (That includes me too, sadly) #noSelfAdvertising)
                              Anyways so good so far.
Skipup03 Skipup03 Nov 09
For me it's the other way around
                              I am oldest with no special things unlike older sib with car filled room
I thought I read somewhere that it was Emulpal, which is LaPlume backwards
                              Not completely sure if it is true
CopCow123 CopCow123 Aug 09
Hehe.It said 20 but now it's 23.He is Actually 23 I messed up math.