Philophobia #WZ2016

Philophobia #WZ2016

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Sarah Imtiaz By imtiazsarah Updated 2 days ago

"The end of your world?" Her eyes flooded with doubts.
"The day when I stop loving you", his fingers trembled in her hand, "and the day is already here", tightly pressing his eyelids he said, "I cannot love you, Sataish".

Where is the question of love between a young girl and a devilishly handsome young psychiatrist who is combating with a strange phobia?
He is everything that a girl desires for.
He is intelligent.
He can read her eyes that but cannot love her despite knowing that he would die otherwise.

The story based on a strange phobia: The fear of falling in love

Join the journey of Sataish and Irtiza to unveil the real journey of love, fear and love!
Every single cover and banner by Ms. Oh-So-Amazing, @hayazs

I don't tbh normally read requested stories but this is so good MashAllah! Yure one lucky girl Sarah! Writing style is absolutely marvelous. In Sha Allah I'll read more to it. 
                              Love, Sully
Your words are put so beautifully they got me every time 😻
I love the way you describe everything. Normally I would love dialogues but your description is mesmerizing
ZoeySaidNot ZoeySaidNot Sep 18
This is one of the rare times I am actually reading a book on wattpad, voting on it and commenting but this is WOW. You described tiniest of the details of the serene and his routine. Absolutely fantastic. Looking forward to reading more of it. @caramelapple1500 tuhan ba han kitab parhan cha?
sabagul28 sabagul28 Aug 09
MashaAllah MashaAllah the blurb is so intriguing!! I will love this book inshaAllah :) and I am already in love with the cover. Will be anxiously waiting for your beautiful words.
jabdulkader jabdulkader Oct 10
Oh My Allah...this is so out of this world...just beautiful <3