Waiting on You: Book Two of The Demigod Selection

Waiting on You: Book Two of The Demigod Selection

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Marlene Young By MissMarleneYoung Updated Jul 05

~Book Two in "The Demigod Selection" series~

"When you're in love, you will do anything to protect them. You'll lie, you'll fight, you'll steal, you'll kill. You'll become the villain just so they can survive. Even after they leave, you'll destroy yourself for their happiness"

Prince Perseus Jackson had reached the time of his Selection. 35 girls were randomly Selected, making them a new part in the Prince's life. 

Only six girls remain from the originally 35. They're known as the Elite, and they include Annabeth Chase, Rachel Dare, Piper McLean, Hazel Levesque, Reyna Ramírez-Arellano, and Thalia Grace. 

Out of these six, the Prince must choose only one. But romance isn't the only thing occurring in the palace. Strange people have begun to arrive at the palace, all of them not offering any information other than a mysterious society: the D.I. On top of that, a hated enemy returns to the palace, more dangerous than before. 

The Elite and Prince Percy, along with others, are forced to flee the palace after an attack, ultimately ending the Selection. Their saviors bring them to the D.I. and uncover a secret that no one had dared to even imagine. 

The Selection showed Annabeth Chase how far people will go for love. Love has brought her thus far. Will it be enough to safe her?

~Most characters belong to Rick Riordan, and the entire idea of a Selection belongs to Kiera Cass~

Thalia? No. It can't be. Or can it? No, she would never. Would she?. This author is making me feel stupid
Haven't you learned anything from your fight with Piper earlier? Never call a girl stupid, Jason
XxXOcean_DreamsXxX XxXOcean_DreamsXxX Aug 26, 2016
Yes, if the first was tasty, the seconds must also be great. Good flavor by the way, this is a very tasty book.
XxXOcean_DreamsXxX XxXOcean_DreamsXxX Aug 26, 2016
Yay! More books to eat! Also don't question me. Ever. It's just more confusing if you do.
mar_berg13 mar_berg13 Dec 01, 2016
It's 99.999999999999999999999999999999% Thalia... But I hope it's not
mar_berg13 mar_berg13 Dec 01, 2016
This book has lots of different tastes and toppings. I'm not sure what my favorite is yet but I would come back for tenths